The Best Digital Camera – Samsung A52s


The Samsung A52s is a low-budget Android-based smartphone launched and released by Samsung Electronics as part of its Galaxy A series. The device is officially announced on 7 March 2021 at Samsung’s online virtual Awesome Unlocked event along with the other two Samsung A series smartphones. It is the successor to the Galaxy A 51, which is currently available in the market. According to the latest speculations, the Samsung A52s is coming up with a dual screen feature that will allow the user to enjoy the benefits of both the screens simultaneously. This is the first Samsung smartphone to come up with such a feature. The device is also supposed to come equipped with an iris scanner, similar to the iPhone. samsung a52s

As compared to the iPhone, the Samsung A52s comes with only a six mega pixel camera on the rear and a four megapixel one on the front. However, this may not be sufficient for some users as many prefer a larger camera as it offers more functionality. The device has been loaded with Samsung’s own TouchWiz skin, which allows the phone to perform various functions like the email, messaging and browsing quickly. Users can switch easily from their present application to the one of their choice using a sliding gesture of the hand. The phone also features an internal memory of 4GB and it works via the USB connection. This means that it can be used across different platforms, though it cannot be used on any other manufacturer’s brand.

The Samsung A52s has a dual 12.2 megapixel rear camera which has been fitted with an innovative shutter speed and a special image processing technology called Dual Shot. This helps in reducing the lag time between the shots and allows you to take a better picture without losing any quality while taking a shot. This technology was introduced in the last year and has become very popular with its result. It works in a similar way to optical zoom, though the images are processed digitally rather than by the human eye.

The Samsung A52s also has an astounding battery which promises to offer two or more days of battery life. The device is capable of lasting up to a week on one charge and offers users approximately twelve hours of talk time. It has a powerful lithium ion battery which gives it the power to keep up with heavy users. It has a unique self-limiting system which protects against overheating and shock if the user gets any sudden shock.

The front and back cameras on the Samsung A52s are both 16.3 Megapixels allowing users to take stunning pictures. This offers users a chance to click more pictures without waiting too long for the system to upload them. The Samsung A52s also comes with a micro SD card which can be used for additional storage, which will increase your chances of downloading music and videos that you like.

For those that want to enjoy their photos even more, the Samsung A52s has what they call the Noise Reduction Technology. This feature automatically detects shutter speed and focus and adjusts the picture to eliminate the unwanted noise giving you a clearer picture. It also has Auto White Balance, which will minimize the need to use auto settings which can save you money. Finally, the Samsung A52s has a Creative mode which gives you the ability to make all the settings so that you can have a photographic experience of a lifetime. This mode is perfect for spontaneous snapshots. This particular mode does not affect the quality of your pictures.